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Folder contents: – February 2, 1847 Translation of J.T Roman’s will. Original at SJPR. The Domestics are to stay with the children. Henri receives a Bruguet watch, a shirt gem and military clothes. A.B Roman is named executor. He wants the children in the country as much as possible. Jacques Telesphore referring to Celina, “I also know she has no experience in business, that is why I recommend that she let herself be guided in everything by the advise of my brother, A.B. Roman.” Edmond Trepagnier is to direct and watch over the plantation. JT wants the pecan grove to remain a pecan grove; – September 20, 1847 additions to J.T’s will. He wants Valcour Aime to be the children’s tutor, not A.B (he lives to far away). JT despises mourning; – April 25, 1848, copy and translation and summary of Victorin Roman’s report of events. witnesses, and reviews of marriage contracts and wills, as well as the contents of J.T’s desk. They then listed the property of the estate; – Translation/copy of SJPR record of the house contents. Also, includes stock, slaves, tools, produce, etc. Outlines property as well as debts. Mentions a teacher, Henriette Anable; – A Translation/copy of SJPR account/inventory of the New Orleans property. A lot on Royal between St. Philip and Ursulines. There is also Celina’s lot on Victory between Erghein and Port. It is next to Madam Merrieult and Madame Delachaise; – Copy/Translation/Summary of Succession papers under Guyol notary public. SJPR; – Sept 30, 1848 Translation of a bill for the funeral and burial of Celeste, age 8 at St. James; – Oct 15, 1849 (Filed December 20, 1850) Bill for a vet, translation from SJPR; – Translation of the purchase of Hyacinthe; – March 16, 1857 (Filed Marche 16, 1847-June 9 1849) Translation of the bill for J.T Roman’s entombment SJPR; – April 1848 Translation/Transcription of Bill for the J.T Roman’s tomb by M.B. Bacon for $50; – June 1, 1848 Translation/Transcription of Bill for J.T Roman’s monument of marble and the engraving for J.T, George, and Albert Roman by P.H. Monsseaux; – August 16, 1848 Translation/Transcription of Valcour Aime paying Mr. Arden $156.82 for the burial and for the account of the Plantation; – June 9, 1849 Translation/Transcription of Bill for the funeral service for J.T, including extra bell tolls, 94 candles on three alters, and additional votive candles;

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