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Folder contains: – Translation of Tuesday Letter (B2F13 pg. 1-2) from Marie to Therese. There was a fire in NOLA but the rain stopped it. Marie thought herself pregnant and was 17 days late, and is relieved that she is not pregnant. Victor and Louise Choppin had a baby boy. Madam Lingham (Mother in Law to Marie) is traveling to St. James. 9 (pg. 1-2); – Translation of letter (B2F13 pg. 3-4) to Jacques Telesphore from Arthur Lesconflair. He wants JT to move to NOLA for his health. Suggests his sickness is imaginary. Urges him to confirm the news they heard from Mr. Bouligny (pg. 3); – Tuesday Translation of letter (B2F13 pg. 5) from Marie to Therese. Slave Sarah had the measles and was sleeping in the same room as Therese. Asks if her wedding is the 18th of June or 14th of July. Incomplete (pg. 4); – February 26, Translation of letter ((B2F13 pg. 6-7) from Marie to Therese. Therese does not like it in the country. Children are sick. Marie has taken in a domestic for $5 and food. She is an exceptional woman so Marie is prepared to overlook the fact she has a child out of wedlock. The previous owner/employer wanted her to give her child away, but she wouldn’t. (pg. 5-6); – Undated letter. Translation from Marie to Therese (B2F13 pg. 8-9). Marie has found a house, owned by Mr. Adelard Fortier between St. Phillip and Dumaine on Bourbon. She describes the house in great detail and is very excited since it is close to them (pg. 7-8); – Undated translation of letter (B2F13 pg. 10) from Marie to Therese, quick note suggesting Henri charge a Cajun, Mr. Herbert, to sell his mules. (pg. 9); – Undated Translation from Marie to Therese (B2F13 pg. 15-16). Children want to go to St. james. Marie still has a cold. (not translated completely);

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Tulane University, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, LaRC 179 Roman Family Papers, Box 2 Folder 13A