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Saturday- letter from Marie to Therese. Mentions winning an engraving in a lottery, and that Jeanne visited as well as Mr. and Mrs. Lingham; Letter to Therese from Marie. Therese has had a miscarriage or stillbirth. Marie and family are staying at Madame Linghams. Doctor has had the children taking santonine for intestinal worms, as well as Aimee. Children’s fashions. She says Therese’ secret is safe; Saturday letter from Marie to Therese. Dining at Jeanne’s and hat fashions. She mentions the house servant is pregnant from some time she was in St. James; Sunday letter to Therese from Marie. She is sending Meme(Aimee Villere) to visit. along with items for the children; Tuesday Letter to Therese from Marie. Therese is unwell and business not going well; Undated letter to Therese from Marie. She didnt send a letter via Alfred because Alfred is upset that Henri hasn’t called since his accident. She wants to see the children so that they can compare kids; Talks about children’s fashions; Undated letter to Therese from Marie. Henri sent fabric samples and potatoes. Letter continues on Monday Dec. 14 She sends shoes for Aimee. She gives directions on how to make skirts for Aimee, Blache is the family dr; Thursday, Letter to Therese from Marie. Their grandmother is going blind and Therese never sees Jeanne. Saturday. She has not had a chance to get the bonnet Therese requested. She is bargain hunting for fabric and finds.; Undated- Letter to Therese from Marie. Children have the measles. She suggests Therese get an orphan girl for her kitchen from the asylum of Allemands; Monday- letter to Therese from Marie. She has money because Emile bet Edouard $100 that he wouldnt be able to stop smoking, and Emile was the one to give in. Dr. Blache sends his regards; Saturday- Letter to Therese from Marie. Children have marks from the measles; Undated- letter from probably Aimee, Henri’s cousin, daughter of A.B. Sends socks and other things Therese requests; Saturday, December 1865- Letter to Therese from Marie. Edouard has been trying to rent a house from a gentleman named Gustave for Henri, but the man is being unreasonable. “Grandpa” A.B? has suggested they take it and negotiate for terms, putting Therese’s name on the list. Henri and Therese will have the house until Nov. 1 1866. There will be problems as Therese’s furniture is to big and will have to be dismantled to fit upstairs. Marie is handling moving; Tuesday AM- Octavie? There is an addition by Louise? “Grandfather’s” death is mentioned; Friday- Letter from Marie to Therese. Marie is sick again. children are sick again. The dog Carlo followed them on board the steamer and to NOLA but ran away when they docked. “Grandma” has gone to the northshore;

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Tulane University, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, LaRC 179 Roman Family Papers, Box 2, Folder 12a