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Content: – (September 4, 1843) Translation of letter (B1F3 pg. 11-13) by Authur Lesconflair to Celina. Courtship of Seraphine.(pg.1); – (February 16, 1860) Translation of letter(B1F11 pg. 3-4) from Mr. Robert to Henri. Louise offers her portion under the same terms as was settled with the Buchanans. (pg.2); – (February 19, 1860) Transcription of letter (B1F11 pg. 1-2) Henri responding to Mr. Robert. He cant offer the same conditions to Louise because the price he gave the Buchanans was inflated and he did it out of desperation. He needs more time to pay Louise. (pg. 3-4); – Letter mistranslated as Tuesday(should be Friday) from Marie to Therese (B1F11 pg. 17-19). Mentions slaves, Sarah, Edouard Villere. She consoles Therese on losing the Mallard furniture. She says she should decorate instead of having to buy from Octavie or Uncle Telesphore(ie celina). Henri comes in and says Louise has accepted his propositions. (pg. 5-6); – (September 1860) Translation (B1F11 pg.10) from Mercier to Henri about an account.(pg. 7); – (October 12 1860) Translation (B1F11 pg. 13) of letter from Henri to Mercier. He delayed because he wanted Louise’ feedback before he paid anything. (pg.8); – (October 14, 1860) Translation (B1F11 pg. 14) of letter from Mercier to Henri. Mercier wants to be paid, and Henri is responsible for Louise at this point, as they are working through their “affairs.” (pg. 10); – Translation of letter (B1F11 pg. 17-19) from Marie to Therese. There is some “big news” mostly likely regarding the settlement. (pg. 11-12); – Translation of letter from Henri to Dr. Mercier? Regarding Louise’ account. It is a draft (pg. 13);

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Tulane University, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, LaRC 179 Roman Family Papers, Box 1, Folder 9