Slave Baptism Records


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Slave Baptism Records

Summary of transaction: 
The records consist of certified copies of records from the archives of the Archdiocese of Baton Rouge for the baptisms of enslaved children owned by either Jacques Telesphore, Celina, or Henri Roman. The dates vary as the records are only those that pertain to Roman slaves. Each child is listed with their baptism date, mother, sponsors, and their age. From their age, their birthdates are calculated as closely as possible by counting backwards from their baptismal date. As an example, if Marie was 3 months old when she was baptized on April 15, 1840, her birthdate would be January 1840. There are fifty-two pages of baptism records, some holding multiple people per page. Every child was baptized at either St. James Catholic Church in St. James Parish, Louisiana or at St. Michael Catholic Church in Convent, Louisiana.
Reference source: 
Archdiocese of Baton Rouge