LaRC 179 Roman Family Papers (R17.006.9)

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LaRC 179 Roman Family Papers (R17.006.9)

Summary of transaction: 
Content: - (Oct 12, 1846) Letter in French from Gabriel Aime to J.T (p. 1-3); - (Nov. 12 1846-May 12, 1847) Steamship Bell Creole transfer. Mackrel, flour, pork, whisky, liquors, flywheel, iron, saw, passage of a sick servant to city. (pg. 4-5); - (1846) Bill via Louis. H. Pile. Purchases by Celina including, fruits, money for Althee, schoolbooks, sweets, black indienne for Celina, cap for Henri, clothes, etc. long bill. (p. 6-8); - (March 4 1846) Bill from D.H Holmes 22 Chartres St. Clothing and cloth, etc. Celina asks U. Bouligny pay the bill. (pg. 9); - (March 5 1846) Clothing, cloth, etc. (pg. 11); - (March 6, 1846) Clothing, cloth etc. (pg. 11); - (March 11 1846) D.H Holmes clothing and cloth (pg. 13); - (March 26 1846) Cloth at D. H Holmes, (pg. 15); - (March 19, 1846) D. H Holmes, cloth etc. organdie, gingham, Celina asks U. Bouligny to pay for her. (pg. 17-18); - (1846) Freight on the Steamer Majestic; - (Oct 1846) Belle Creole transfer. Slave, bedstead and mattress, flower pot. Demijohns of turpentine and vinegar (p. 21- 22); - (20 October 1846) Steam boat St. Landry transfer lard and carpet(?) (p. 23); - (February 4, 1846) Letter from J.T to Celina in French (pg. 25-26); - (July 2, 1846) Letter from J.T to Celina in French (pg. 27); - (July 2,1846) Letter to Celina from Louise in French (pg. 29-30); - Note by Victorin(?) Roman in French (pg. 31); - (1846) Friday Night Letter to Celina from JT in French (pg. 33-34); - (Saturday morning (1846?)) from J.T to Celina, mentions Henry In French( pg. 38-39); - (Sunday Afternoon (1846?)) Letter from J.T to Celina add on to previous letter. (pg. 41); - (Wednesday Night (1846?)) Letter to Celina from JT French (pg. 43) mentions George and Henry; - (Friday mid-morning (1846?)) short note from J.T to Celina mentioning Sosthene (pg. 45);
Reference source: 
Tulane University, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, LaRC 179 Roman Family Papers, Box 1 Folder 5


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