LaRC 179 Roman Family Papers (R17.006.26)

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LaRC 179 Roman Family Papers (R17.006.26)

Summary of transaction: 
Contents: - August 2, 1865 Translation of letter Edouard to Henri (B2F2 pg.1); - August 17, 1865 Translation of letter from Edouard to Henri (B2F2 pg. 6-7) mention's Louis Fortier's death and Grandpa Forstall (pg. 2-3); - October 6, 1865 Transcription of letter from Buchanan to Henry. (B2F2 pg. 10) He mentions renegotiating the plantation agreement (pg. 4); - October 14, 1865 Translation of letter from Louise to Henry.(B2F3 pg. 13-15) Mr. Robert thinks its a bad idea for them to enter into a copartnership especially when they dont know if they will succeed. He suggests that they (Octavie and Buchanan) take back the plantation for what Henri owes them. They will then sell it. "This sacrifice is indispensable so that we can at least conserve what is strictly necessary to survive." Refers to a "small house" and the use of a few arpents. She is caring for Celina(pg. 5-7); - October 19, 1865 Translated letter from Louise to Henri(B2F2 pg. 20-22) Henry doesnt like her proposal. Celina’s debtors are coming to collect. (pg. 8-10); - Saturday, October 21, 1865 Letter to Henri from Charles Roman. Mentions Louise's intent to go to the convent. (B2F2 pg. 24) Apparently Buchanan is also looking at a partnership with Ferry's Bourbon Plantation. (pg. 11); - October 21, 1865 from Buchanan to Henry Transcription (B2F2 pg. 23) suggesting copartnership terms. Celina is not well. (pg. 12-13) - October 22, 1865 Transcription of a letter draft from Henri to Buchanan (B2F2 pg. 25). (pg. 14); - November 11, 1865 Translation of Mr. Robert's letter to Henri on Louise's behalf. (B2F2 pg. 26-28) She offers him a payment plan with interest. The letter threatens that if no reply is made, Mr. Robert will use Louise's rights as largest percent owner and seize the place to sell. Louise and Celina are desperate. (pg. 15-17); - November 20, 1865 Letter to Henry from Buchanan.(B2F2 pg. 32) Transcription. (pg. 18-19); - November, 30, 1865 Transcription of letter from Mr. Robert to Henri, (B2F2 pg. 36) giving Louise's consent to put off Henri's first payment to her. (pg. 20); - December 25, 1865 Letter to Henri from Edouard. Translation (B2F2 41-42), original is poorly written. He is renting a house owned by Gustave for Henri. Henri is selling his buggy and horses. (pg. 22-23); - Monday, December 25, 1865 Letter from Marie to Therese.(translated from unknown letter) Marie is getting ready for Therese and Henri moving to New Orleans. She mentions wanting things from the cellar. Deterville is traveling back and forth. (pg. 24);
Reference source: 
Tulane University, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, LaRC 179 Roman Family Papers, Box 2, Folder 2a


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