LaRC 179 Roman Family Papers (R17.006.13)


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LaRC 179 Roman Family Papers (R17.006.13)

Summary of transaction: 
Contents: - (September 16, 1852) Celina protests A.B’s request for homologation of the estate, from SJPR. (pg.1); - (December 31, 1852) Copy Dr.Daret’s bill for Celina from SJPR. (pg2); - (1852) New Orleans Theatre dues in French from SJPR (pg. 3); - (January 1 1853) Copy of Large illegible document from SJPR, Celina rents Royal St. House from S. Kohn, water bill for Royal St. Residence, paid Ducatel, Fortier, Deterville, pew at St. James Church, leather, (pg.4-8); - (January 1 1853) Waterbill 268 Royal from SJPR (pg.9-10); - (January 14, 1853) Bill from J.L Warner for Ice, from SJPR (pg.11); - (Jan 31, 1853) Roman and Kernion Signed by Celina from SJPR (pg.12); - (January 22 1853) Irma’s request for separation from her husband Pierre H. Lefevre in French and English from SJPR (pg.13); - Jean Jacques Roman vs Irma Roman, etc. re: her separation (French) from SJPR (pg. 13-14); - (February 18, 1853) Copy of Interdiction of Irma in French from SJPR(pg. 15-16); - (February 1853) Copy Spring Hill College, Bill for Henri's music lessons from SJPR. Also bill for installing a brick sidewalk in front of Royal St. residence (pg. 19); - (Marcy 29 1853) Copy of Surveyor's Dept. from Louis Pilie Note that Louis Pilie received payment for the paving in front of the Royal St. Address, between Ursulines and St. Phillip. (pg.20); - (June 8, 1853) Copy of Bill for literature from Victor Hebert in French from SJPR (pg. 21); - (July 10, 1853) Copy Bill from Ferbos Brothers Grocers (French) Celina notes that Roman and Kernion will handle it from SJPR (pg. 22-24); - (November 1853) Copy Proof of payment to Spring Hill College. SJPR (pg. 24);
Reference source: 
Tulane University, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, LaRC 179 Roman Family Papers, Box 1, Folder 8