LaRC 179 Roman Family Papers (R17.006.12)

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LaRC 179 Roman Family Papers (R17.006.12)

Transaction Date: 
Summary of transaction: 
Duplicate copy of original document of the charged accounts made by and on behalf of Celina Pilie Roman, Widow Jacques Telesphore Roman. Account was maintained by the company of Roman & Kernion located in New Orleans and spans the dates April 1849- October 1850. Folder also contains: -(May 31, 1848) Copy of a bill sent to JT's Estate from SJPR. Bill for Tomb and votives etc. for J.T Roman's tomb. (pg.1); (March 13, 1849) Copy of a Bill sent to Celina for a tomb for the slave Adonis from SJPR. (pg.2); -(May 31 1848) Bill to the Estate of J.T from SJPR. Copy of pg.1 (pg.3); - (August 17, 1848) Succession of Victorin Roman dealing with the negro Henriette(French) SJPR (pg. 4) -(October 25 1848-April 20, 1849) Copy Succession of JT, from SJPR. Includes Dr. Landreaux bill 2 slaves, French lessons for Uranie, Louise, and Octavie (pg.5) -(April 30, 1849) Copy Estate JT in account. From SJPR repair of a gun, paying Edmond Trempagnier's order, "furniture" for J.T's tomb, freight bills, RR iron, wheels and axles, steampipes. Trempagnier buys oxen for the plantation. Jaid Joseph for cleaning the privy at Royal St. saddle for Henri, Dr. Merricq, William Heritage wages, Deterville, passage for Henry Roman, Deterville and Raphael. Prudence Mallard(?) Dr. Daret, Alfred Roman for articles from Paris, many payments for Deterville, (pg.6-25); (1848) bill SJPR - (June 2, 1849) Copy Bill for Piano Lessons(French) SJPR (pg 25); - (Sept, 19, 1849) copy Bill of Passage for Celina, 6 slaves and children, Pilie and Harriet Anable from SJPR (pg. 26) -Copy of St. James document fro A.B petititoning a change in the administrative structure of the J.T Roman estate (pg. 28-30) - (Sept 26, 1849) Copy of document Addressed to Estate of JT(French) SJPR - (1949) Bill for the steamship Eliska, transporting goods. Barrels, leather, casks, SJPR (pg. 32-34)
Reference source: 
Tulane University, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, LaRC 179 Roman Family Papers, Box 1 Folder 7


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