Bill of Sale (R5.241);


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Bill of Sale (R5.241);

Transaction Date: 
Summary of transaction: 
Jules Mossy (Notary public); Noel Barthelemy LeBreton (Representative of Vendors); Marianne Zeringue and other heirs of Hubert St. Amand (Vendor); Jacques Telesphore Roman (Vendee); David L. (Witness); Ernest Montilly (Witness); Jean (Enslaved)---------- Noel Barthelemy LeBreton, as representative for Marianne Zeringue and all other heirs of Hubert St. Amand, sold Jacques Telesphore Roman an enslaved man named Jean (aged 45) for 1,500 piasters. Jacques Telesphore Roman mortgaged Jean in favor of the vendors for the amount of the purchase price. There are seven other mortgages on Jean, made by different members of the Hubert St. Amand family.
Reference source: 
New Orleans Notarial Archives, Jules Mossy, v 10 act 68