Date of birth: 
Baptism Date and Sponsors: 
April 12, 1860; Sponsor: Nicolas (slave) & Martine (slave)
Place of Origin: 
Oak Alley (Creole)
Gender and Designation: 
Mother: Kitty/ Katy; Siblings: Jean, Marie Louise, and Anna

Primary documentation: 

  • Slave baptism records, Archdiocese of Baton Rouge
    • St. James Catholic Church, St. James Parish, Louisiana 
    • Item no. 7; Page no. 235; Entry no. 16; PDF pg. 67
    • Gives Ketty as Marie's mother

Support documentation:

  • R5.239
    • Jacques Telesphore Roman Succession Settlement, New Orleans Notarial Archives, Felix Grima, v 46 act 173
    • Gives Ketty as the mother of Anne and Marie Louise; Estimated that Marie, Anne, and Marie Louise are siblings
  • Slave baptism records, Archdiocese of Baton Rogue
    • Baptized at the "house of Henry Roman", St. James Parish, Louisiana
    • Item No. 9, Page No. 20; Entry No. 9; PDF page 75
    • Gives Kitty/Katy as Jeans' mother; Estimated that Marie and Jean are siblings