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a person standing in front of a mirror posing for the camera

Ambrotype- Françoisé Aimée Parent Roman





E. Jacobs, artist
Francoise Aimee Roman, subject


New Orleans, Louisiana


Hand-tinted Ambrotype (glass plate); Brass; String


15.6 x 12.1 x 1.9 cm


The Collection of Oak Alley Foundation


Frame is embossed on the obverse with photographer’s name and location: “E. Jacobs | N.O”


Francoisé Aimée Parent was born in New Orleans in 1797. She married André Bienvenue Roman on July 20, 1816 in Saint James Parish, Louisiana in a dual wedding ceremony with her brother, Charles Parent who married André’s sister, Edwige Roman. Andre & Francoise had five children, three boys and two girls.

In this photo, Aimée is photographed in her later years with her hair pulled loosely back and draped elegantly over her ears. She’s wearing a solid black gown that is belted at the waist and showcases large cuffed sleeves and embroidered details around the collar. Mrs. Roman is also seen wearing black gloves. Behind her is a plain white background. Despite her body being turned to a forty- five degree angle to the camera, her head openly faces forward allowing her to look directly back at her viewers. Through the use of hand-tinting, a bit of blush was added to her lips giving slight color to this otherwise black and white image. The ambrotype sits inside of a brass frame with an oval opening that has been edged with a embossed design. To the proper right side, beneath the above mentioned edging, the artist’s name and city have been etched. At a subsequent time period, string was tied around all four sides and corners of the frame in what appears to be an attempt at keeping the frame together, however, the frame shows no weaknesses.