Date of birth: 
1812* (estimated)
Date of death: 
1848* (estimated)
Baptism Date and Sponsors: 
Place of Origin: 
Louisiana (Creole)
Gender and Designation: 
Female (Negro)
Skills or Duties: 
Mother: Nancy; Sibling: Lazare; Child: Pierre
Age 2 (R17.005.1); Age 20 (R5.194);

Primary documentation:

  • R5.194
    • Louise Patin Succession, New Orleans Notarial Archives, Theodore Seghers, v 19 act 521
  • R17.005.1
    • Jacques Etienne Roman Succession, Tulane University, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, LaRC 500
    • Value: $1,200 (Includes mother and brother)
    • Gives Nancy as Pallas' mother; Nancy may not have been purchased by Jacques Telesphore Roman
    • Gives Lazare as Pallas' brother

Support documentation:

  • Slave baptism records, Archdiocese of Baton Rouge
    • St. Michael Catholic Church, Convent, Louisiana
    • Item no. 9; Page no. 98; Entry no. 35; PDF pg. 103
    • Gives Pallas as Pierre's (bn. 1841) mother