Sale (R8.097)


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Sale (R8.097)

Transaction Date: 
Summary of transaction: 
Louise Roman sold the following to her brother Henri Jacques Roman for the total sum of 53,614 piasters. The following was inherited by the vender upon the death of her father, Jacques Telesphore Roman. Five undivided nineteenth shares of property in St. James Parish and the one hundred and eight enslaved people attached; Property located in New Orleans between the streets of Royal, Bourbon, St. Phillippe, and Ursuline and the eighteen people attached to it. It was agreed by both parties that Louise Roman and her mother, Celina Pilie Roman will retain use and residency of this property.; 500 piaster donation was made to the New Orleans Opera House;
Reference source: 
St. James Clerk of Court, Conveyance Record, Volume 36, act 1