LaRC179 Roman Family Papers (R17.006.47)

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LaRC179 Roman Family Papers (R17.006.47)

Summary of transaction: 
Content: - Receipt for purchase of a slave named Billy Lorimer by J.T Roman. Paid $800 Richmond, Va. Aug. 22, 1839; - August 17 1820, Statement from A.B Roman in French.; - August 4, 1829 Receipt for payment by J.T Roman for a slave (?). $6 (French); - August 8, 1834 Slave sale. J.T buys a slave, Mehata from Francois Gueriny(sp?) Felix Grima, Felix Jean Forstall and charles Edouard Forstall in French; - March 7, 1839 Bill of sale for a 30 y/old slave, Warner; - February 11, 1839 Bill of sale for 35 y/old slave, Madison. $420 - 1836-1840 Bill to J.T Roman (French) - March 25, 1839 bill of sale for a 30 y/old slave, Sarah, $500 - April 17, 1839 Bill of sale for a 23 y/old slave, Joseph and Alice, age 20 (French); - 1839 holding pen slip for a slave named Baptiste?(French); - April 21, 1839 Arrest slip(?) for Joseph and Alexis (French); - April 18, 1839 Bill of sale for a mulatto, 24 y/old slave named Susan. $1350;
Reference source: 
Tulane University, Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, LaRC 179 Roman Family Papers, Box 3, Folder 12a


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