LaRC 179 Roman Family Papers (R17.006.1)


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LaRC 179 Roman Family Papers (R17.006.1)

Summary of transaction: 
Content: - Copy of St. James Conveyance Record. Valcour Aime purchases land in 1820 later to be traded with J. T Roman. to be translated. No document # given. (p. 1-8); - Copy of Notary Archives Record, March 31, 1836, transferring property on Royal St. from Pilie to Jacques. (p. 9-13); - Parish Taxes JT Roman for the year 1827, paid March, 1828 (p. 14); - Bill for the transfer of goods on the Steamboat 'Columbia' including a Billiard Table an a box of cigars (?) (p. 14); - Copy of St. James Parish record "Final Acount" of Louise Patin Succession March 31, 1836 Probate 349 (?) ; - (May 11, 1835) J.T bought her plantation and all slave for $170,000, with $30,000 deposit. She also owned half of A.B Roman's estate. Lists division of money Valcour replaced Victorin as administrator after Victorin's death. Additional selections from the St. James Records, but not a complete copy. (p. 16-31); - Letter to JT from Wm. DeBuys, French Nov. 1836 (p. 32-34); - List of slaves J.T handwriting 1835 possibly Louise Patin's slaves (p. 35-36); " Taxes 1837 " Steamship Baton Rouge 1838 Bill (p. 39) " 1836 Steamship Washington Oysters, herring, Nails, Lard, slaves, flour, ham, mechanical supplies (p. 40)
Reference source: 
Tulane University, Howard -Tilton Memorial University, LaRC 179 Roman Family Papers, Box 1 Folder 1