Tulsa Examiner - Helen Orcutt Loves Oak Alley's Southern Charm

"When traveling to Louisiana, be sure that you visit the grandest of all the plantations, Oak Alley Plantation."

Helen M. Orcutt of the Tulsa Examiner recently published an outstanding article about Oak Alley Plantation, featuring our newest exhibit "Slavery at Oak Alley."

Ms. Orcutt mentioned several key aspects of the Oak Alley experience that made the visit special for her: our Southern hospitality, beautiful Big House and grounds, and our determination to keep history "alive" for our visitors. She was fascinated about the inclusiveness created by the beautiful antebellum Big House mansion and reconstructed slave quarters, both of which help us tell the complete story of Oak Alley's 300-year-old history.

Highlights (click the link below to read the full article):

"Some would say the past was lost, but the … Foundation has a new vision. This [slavery] exhibit has made slavery on Oak Alley Plantation not only something you learn about the Plantations in the South when you are in school, but with the actual names it creates the reality that [the enslaved workers] were as much a part of Oak Alley Plantation as the owners themselves."

"The hospitality of Oak Alley Plantation has not changed to this date. You are greeted with a smile and a hello by everyone who are dressed in era appropriate clothing and are more than gracious about talking with you about Oak Alley Plantation and what it means to them. True Southern Hospitality."

"When traveling Louisiana, be sure that you visit the grandest of all the plantations, Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana. Around every corner you will be greeted with a smile."