Review: My Visit to Oak Alley Plantation

"Oak Alley is truly a Nation Treasure, and anyone who is able should make the trek to see this amazing piece of land. The history of the land and families involved with this home are far too much to go into here, and not truly my story to tell anyway. While I was enraptured by the Oaks, garden, house; there is so much more history to experience here."

Oak Alley Plantation was recently honored to be well reviewed by the travel blog "GreatBigBeautifulTomorrow".
To quote a portion of their review:
Oak Alley Plantation is probably one of the most recognizable plantation houses in American history (though Tara from Gone with the Wind is a definite contender, even if it is fictional). Oak Alley, has a literal “oak alley”, which was planted in the mid 1700s by an unknown person for unknown reasons, but thanks God they did! The combination of the towering, ancient trees,  the gorgeous Greek Revival architecture, the gardens, and the immense history of the place is truly breathtaking.
We are honored by their kind words. The complete article with photos is located here.