Oak Alley: "Twenty American Mansions that are Great Gatsby Worthy."

"A Most Extravagant Example of America's Highfalutin Past"

The culture website "Thrillist" highlighted Oak Alley as one of "Twenty American Mansions that are Great Gatsby Worthy." Number eight on their list of fabulous mansions is our magnificent antebellum Big House.

"With The Great Gatsby hitting theaters earlier this summer, the 1920s are back -- or at least an opulent, sexed-up, oddly hip-hop version of them is. But where would 'J-Gatz' party if he were around today, and not, uh... fictional? To answer that question, Thrillist scoured the U.S. to pull together some of the most extravagant examples of America's highfalutin past, and came up with 20 mansions The Great Gatsby would love."
We thank Thrillist for the compliment, of course.  We're honored to have our Big House mansion considered in the top 20 in the country.  We also take pride in our mission to tell the whole story of Oak Alley's history, and our newest exhibit "Slavery at Oak Alley" helps tell the story of a darker side of plantation life.  Very educational, and this exhibits helps tell the whole story of this historic site!