Oak Alley Plantation One of the 10 Best

Oak Alley Plantation One of the 10 Best Preserved Plantation Homes in the US : Maps of the World Blog
'Located along Freeway 18 in Vacherie, Louisiana, on the west bank of the Mississippi River is one of the most photographed plantation homes of the US. Originally built in 1839, this plantation home was named Bon Séjour. But it is the canopy formed by the 28 massive oak trees leading up to the house that first catches the eye. Thus, the plantation got the name Oak Alley. The beautiful, sprawling Greek Revival style mansion is also called “Grande Dame of the River Road”. And if the gleaming interiors and massive chandeliers seem familiar it must be because the house was used as a set to film the Brad Pitt-Tom Cruise film “Interview with the Vampire”.'