Oak Alley Plantation named "Iconic"

Oak Alley Plantation named "Iconic" image for Louisiana's "National Scenic Byway" along the Great River Road.

Oak Alley Plantation celebrates recognition of the Great River Road as a National Scenic Byway. Oak Alley Plantation's image was selected as the "Iconic image of the Louisiana Great River Road." All of us here at Oak Alley are honored by this recognition and especially want to share the proud moment with as many of the people as possible who have supported our mission.

During the application process for National Scenic Byway Designation, the question that called for one special answer was, "what would be the one iconic photograph to represent the historical significance of this treasured route?"

With so many important sites along the river the decision was difficult. It had to be an image that spoke of the history of the river road but also something that is accessible today as a place for visitors to enjoy and learn about the river road and the cultures and people that have made it a timeless tourism destination.

Finally the search was limited to one place and photo, and that was Oak Alley.

Oak Alley Plantation was, is and will always be at the top of destinations tourists choose to visit along Louisiana's Great River Road. It rests on the roadside as a monument to history's grandeur, struggle, conflict and perseverance.

Oak Alley Plantation, like the Louisiana Great River Road, has lived the history and is still here telling her stories. An iconic image for a historic Louisiana Great River Road.

For the volunteer delegates and technical members that make up the ten state delegations to the Mississippi River Parkway Commission, this past year has been one to truly celebrate.

This past October, U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced that portions of the Great River Road in Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee had received National Scenic Byway certification.

The announcement makes the Great River Road National Scenic Byway the longest continuous National Scenic Byway in the United States. At nearly 3,000 miles, the Great River Road is one of the world's greatest byways, showcasing the rich history, culture and natural beauty of America's heartland.

The Great River Road follows the Mississippi River from the forests of Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico through 10 states, connecting communities as diverse as Minneapolis and New Orleans.

Begun as a collaborative effort between the river-bordering states in 1938, the Mississippi River Parkway Commission has been developing, improving and promoting Great River Road for more than 70 years.

Infrastructure and interpretive projects along the byway have enriched travelers' experience and improved the quality of life for the millions of Americans who live in the Mississippi River Corridor.