Location Filming & Photography


COVID-19 Response UPDATE: 

Oak Alley Plantation's historic grounds & exhibits will temporarily close through April 12, 2020 at which time we will re-evaluate the COVID-19 situation.  

Please follow us on social media or visit the website for any updates. 


For Movies, Television and Magazine Photography

Location Filming Fees and Commercial Uses of Oak Alley Plantation.

Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire

Location fees for advertisement, fashion and catalog photography are negotiated on an individual basis.

Location fees for commercial productions and motion pictures also should be discussed on an individual basis.

In addition, we can offer a wide arrangement of ancillary services such as overnight accomodations, craft services, storage, parking and security.

For film and television production, please contact Hillary Loeber.

For photography or licensing of Oak Alley images or trademarks, please contact Hillary Loeber.

Oak Alley has also been included in many documentaries and features on the area produced by domestic and international film crews. Again, we welcome and encourage film crews to include Oak Alley when in the area. All filming must be scheduled prior to arrival, and is based on availability. All crews must work around our daily tours and our visitors, but we will try to accommodate our film crews as much as possible.