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Online Ticket and Advance Reservations

Beginning August 15 at 6pm, visitors will be able to secure their admissions and reserve a tour time in advance, online.  We will be offering 2 admissions types:  Historic Site with the “Big House” Exhibit and Historic Site without the “Big House” Exhibit
If you are planning a visit to Oak Alley on August 16 or later, please check back to make you reservation or for more information on admissions pricing and details, please click HERE.  While we highly encourage purchasing your admission online in advance, walk-ins are welcome and are subject to availability. 
We look forward to your visit and please contact us at 800-442-5539 or at if you have any questions. 

The "Big House" and the Conversation Series

Visitors to Oak Alley are invited to explore the plantation's history and interact with staff.  Oak Alley's plantation tour provides visitors a self paced experience together with presenting opportunities to interact with staff. 

Our Historical Interpreters provide a guided experience through the mansion, the "Big House", interpreting plantation life inside the "Big House".  

Oak Alley’s Conversation Series was launched as a way of enriching the visitor experience and addressing visitors’ needs as they confront difficult history in the  “Slavery at Oak Alley”  exhibit. Expanding to other areas on the site,  Site Interpreters now share very brief talks at a variety of locations on the plantation about the people and history of Oak Alley, that serve as a jumping-off point for dialog and discussion, creating a visitor-specific experience. Our Interpreters are there to answer any and all questions you might have. 

Visitors are encouraged to join the line at the mansion to learn about life inside the "Big House",  but be sure to also keep an eye out for our Site Interpreter’s trademark Clocks! They mark places around the plantation where you can enjoy brief talks on everything, from the iconic oaks to plantation life