Legends, Lore & Spirits


COVID-19 Response UPDATE: 

Oak Alley Plantation's historic grounds & exhibits will temporarily close through April 30, 2020 at which time we will re-evaluate the COVID-19 situation.  

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The Shadows of Oak Alley

Oak Alley holds centuries of history. From Pre-Columbian communities to the Roman family, the violence of enslavement and Reconstruction, to the modern industrialization of the 20th century, its landscape is imbedded with meaning. For some, this meaning spills over to the spiritual world, and takes shape in the form of “ghosts” or unexplainable phenomena.

Below are a few of the experiences people have shared:
Mitchell Borne, an employee, experienced an unseen but definite presence and a touch on his arm when he was working alone at the mansion.

"Petesy" Dugas was giving a tour of the mansion to a group when a candlestick inexplicably few across the room.

Oak Alley carpenters were climbing from the attic dormer to roof to repair the Widow’s Walk, relying on climbing harnesses to keep them safe. At the end of the day, they organized their harnesses and ropes in piles on the attic floor, only to return the next day and find them strewn across the floor, buckles and fasteners adjusted or undone. Security cameras show no one entering or leaving the attic.

Louise Borne, an employee, claimed to have seen empty chairs rocking in unison, things moved from table and desk tops, and both she and another employee Peggy Rodrigue attest to un-placeable sounds including a child crying and the sound of horses.

Ghost Hunters investigated the plantation in 2008, with no conclusive findings