Lonely Planet: Discover the History and Culture of Louisiana

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On this trip, we meet five local characters preserving the music, cuisine and landscapes that make Cajun Country what it is today.

Lonely Planet: Discover the History and Culture of Louisiana!
Lonely Planet (along with Australian newspaper Perth Now) highlighted Oak Alley with three photos in its expose on South Louisiana.  Bottom line: What an amazing place to visit!
"On the other side of the levee, fields of sugar cane stretch for hectares, barely disturbed by the slight river breeze. The spiky green plant made the region in the 18th century, when Europe's well-to-do were happy to pay any price to have sugar crystal grace their dinner tables.
Fortunes were made here. In the 19th century, more than 500 grand plantation houses lined the banks of the Mississippi between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Between them, close to the fields, stood the wooden shacks housing the workers who propped up those fortunes: slaves, from Africa and the Caribbean, who were shipped in as the sugar cane was shipped out."